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We support professional dancers and entertainers from across the EU-EFTA area in their search for work in Cabarets and Strip Clubs as Strip Dancers, Cabaret Dancers, Erotic Dancers, Sexy Dancers, GoGo Dancers, or Pole Dancers anywhere in Switzerland.


Our connection with the best and hottest venues across the country are your foundation for successful and memorable professional activities in beautiful Switzerland.

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Jobs for Strip Dancers All Across Switzerland

You are looking for an employment as a strip-dancer at nightclubs in all Switzerland? Or you are a professional entertainer looking for jobs at events? Or you are a Swiss location manager looking for temporary or permanent personnel for professional dancing, animation and entertainment? In us you find the most qualified and established recruitment agency for professional dancers and entertainers in Switzerland!


Our unmatched reach among Swiss top locations provide you, as a professional dancer and entertainer, with the most extensive access to the nicest places all over Switzerland at best possible conditions!




And our constantly growing pool of verified and selected contractors gives you, as a Swiss location manager, access to top personnel at any time! So don't hesitate and contact us today for a not binding conversation...

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