Our Services for Strip and Cabaret Dancers in Switzerland

Thanks to our excellent contacts with club managements, as well as the authorities and other official bodies we are able to offer you the best possible service.


Whether you are looking for a job in Cabarets and Strip Clubs all across Switzerland as a Strip Dancer, Cabaret Dancer, Erotic Dancer, Sexy Dancer, GoGo Dancer, or Pole Dancer. For all women searching for jobs and work in Switzerland as professional dancers: We are Your contact of choice!


Work in Cabarets in Switzerland

Access to the best venues in the whole of Switzerland

You will benefit from our extensive network of contacts! We enable you to work for the most popular and best cabarets, nightclubs, strip clubs, dance halls and discos in the whole of Switzerland.

Unique Agency Support

Do you have any business, legal or personal issues? Our professional know-how and experience in the business enable us to support you at all times in a unique way.

Official employment contracts

Stress with management and contracts? Strict compliance with the proposed legislation will allow us to secure highest official work contracts, in order to guarantee a relaxed working situation.

Insurance and pension plan

Be prepared and safe! All our mediated agreements include all legally required insurances, as well as  pension plan.

Jobs and Work for Women as Strip Dancers, Cabaret Dancers, Erotic Dancers, Sexy Dancers, GoGo Dancers, or Pole Dancer in Strip Clubs and Cabarets all Across Switzerland!